Audials One - How to get a free trial?

Music plays a special role in most of our lives. Right from the days we listened to the radios till we started using our latest musical iPods, music is like a food for our soul. The music that we listen today in the latest gadgets such as our laptops, mobile phones or iPods, is played on some kind of media formats. The technology for music downloads and search has also improved incredibly. If you are looking for unlimited music download on your computer, you can certainly use Audials One that provides a unique musical experience. A product of the RapidSolution Software family, Audials One has an attractive interface with its sleek and sophisticated appearance. Let us explore why the Audials One is unique and has scored over its competitors.

User-friendly and easy navigation

It is extremely user-friendly and has a simple navigation system. It allows you to download any music of your preference within a few seconds, when you search the name of the artist or the title of a song on the internet.

Excellent search features

Its MusicFinder functionality makes for an excellent search. The Audials One ideally functions like a search engine that instantly searches your preferred music from the internet and plays them on your PC. According to the latest reviews, Audials One has the ability to scan the internet for more than 30,000 radio stations and record music.

PerfectRadio Technology

The latest version of this software features the ‘ PerfectRadio ‘ technology. This technology helps in enhancing the quality of the music tracks tremendously. It also enables you to record your favorite songs from the radio.

Conversion feature

Audials One‘s in-built conversion feature is unique. It has the capability of capturing any music from the collection and seamlessly converts the audio files into different formats. As far as its audio conversion is concerned, it can score over most other audio management software solutions in the market.

Scanning and filtering options

The other interesting feature of Audials One is that it reads and scans the audio profile for a particular song. In the process, it automatically filters or skips the unnecessary talks as well as the commercials.

Dealing with problem files

Ideally, you can play your music file in any device including computers, mobile phones, PDAs, mp3 player, and Xbox to name a few. Sometimes, certain audio books, podcasts and music files cannot be played on your system owing to lack of compatibility and copy protection issues. The DRM Copy Protection Removal of AudialsOne allows you to record these copy protected media files and converts these files into a compatible file format, without having to sacrifice on the audio quality.
RapidSolution software normally offers a 5-day trial for all the Audials One versions and has also kept the price quite reasonable to cater to the youth and people of other categories.
In short, it can be said that Audials One record songs from numerous Internet radio stations and sets the benchmark in terms of audio quality and music searches. With a plethora of unique features and qualities it can be regarded as one of the best audio software in the market. Get your free Audials One copy right now!